Powerskin conference

Artikel zu zukünftigen Strategien in der gebäudeintegrierten Solarenergienutzung



The research project “benefit E2“ builds on results of the previous social study “benefit E”, which analyzed barriers in the integration of solar active systems into the building skins. Main results of the first project described a lack of flexibility in design, material and construction as well as a lack of experience and acceptance of various planning participants. As solutions to lower identified barriers the following project “benefit E2” analyzes potential fields of actions and strategies to widen the variety of design tasks with integrated solar systems.


Published in

Powerskin Conference, Proceedings, S.123-131

Jan 2017, München



TU Delft Open

TU Delft / Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment

Julianalaan 134, 2628 BL Delft, The Netherlands